Stare at this to fall asleep – Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz

Stare into the center of this article, check right your browser, this hypnosis trick can be innocent, but the next following pictures taken by Ángel Ruiz in Madrid with professional dancer Benji Poirier will put you in a trance.

He coming across the room, getting naked for you, he strips off his clothes slowly, until he is in his underpants (from Modus Vivendi and Charlie by MZ). Then, the magic started when Ángel is making click with his camera.

Benjamin made slow movements to properly stretch his muscles, and that is when the photographer freezes the images.

The professional dancer who is currently in Madrid, because he is in The Spanish National Dance Company incorporates and elevates his body to stretch, and take off his underwear, to lie on the sofa, where he moves his pelvis, Benjamin hypnotized you and want you to take you to beyond the room.

This is only a little sneak of the ability of both artists, the connection between muse and photographer is admirable, we see that Ángel is very happy with the final result and he wants you to share it with all the admiration and passion it contains inside.

Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz1Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz2Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz3Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz4Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz5Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz6Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz7Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz8Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz9Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz10Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz11Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz12Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz13Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz14Benjamin Poirier by Angel Ruiz15

Follow photographer Ángel Ruiz at @angelruizphotography / Tumblr: angelruizphotography.tumblr.com / FB: facebook.com/angelruizphotography
Model and Dancer Benjamin Poirier @benjipoirier

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