Statue of David: Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes / PnV Network

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

Payton Clarke may very well be the most chiseled guy I’ve ever seen. If there is one half ounce of fat on his entire body I’d be shocked.

But what can you expect from a guy that plays and coaches hockey?  I don’t think he’s taken many pucks to the face either because his its as chiseled as his body.

Recently he had a shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Stevan Reyes. Stevan was nice enough to share these incredible shots with PnV.

Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes1Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes2Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes3Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes4Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes5Payton Clarke by Stevan Reyes7Photography Stevan Reyes @sreyesphotos
Model Payton Clarke @payton_clarke at @goodtalentmanagement


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