Fresh Face Alert! Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez /PnV Network

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

I’ve said this before, but one of the best parts of this job is stumbling across incredible faces. When Dorien Jimenez sent me a photo of Jeff Hepner the first thing I noticed were his amazing blue eyes. To me, eyes tell the story. Then of course Jeff has incredible blonde hair as well.

Needless to say his face certainly made an impression. I immediately partnered with Dorien, who is an up and coming photographers in Seattle, to do a feature with Jeff. The boy from the Pacific Northwest loves to have fun and radiates positivity. I hope you all enjoy this presentation! Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez1Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez2Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez3Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez4Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez5Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez6Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez7Jeff Hepner by Dorien Jimenez8Model: Jeff Hepner: @jeff_hepner
Photographer: Dorien Jimenez: @dor13n

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