Always victorious and glorious: Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Model Nick Youngquest makes his own with Invictus by Paco Rabanne, his masculinity and elegance perfectly matches with the aroma of orange blossom, black pepper, vibrant wood, malt chord, salty black amber and gray amber.

Paco Rabanne presents Invictus TV spot.
The commercial by Alexandre Courtès, a French feature film director, is first and foremost an epic saga and an allegory for victory. We follow a champion through the euphoria of victory, from the moment he enters the stadium until he is back in the locker room waiting for a steamy post-match rendezvous.

Invictus Paco Rabanne Campaign1Invictus Paco Rabanne Campaign3Invictus Paco Rabanne Campaign7In this season, Invictus ambassador Nick Youngquest started training with a group of international influencers for the NYC Marathon for the new promotional ads of the fragrance. The influencers are Marvin Scheckler, model Sergio Carvajal, Carl Cunard and Nicolas Simoes.

Just follow @NickYoungquest trainings. Got questions about running/training ? ask them in the comments!


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