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Teen Sensation Tristan Waite – By Alejandro Palomares /PnV Exclusive Part 2

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Proud to present Part Two of teen model Tristan Waite of DT Model Management in his recent photo set by photographer Alejandro Palomares.TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares117TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares118TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares119TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares120TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares121TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares122TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares123TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares124TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares125TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares126TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares127TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares128TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares129TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares130TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares131TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares132TristanWaiteAlejandroPalomares133Be sure to catch the first part here: https://fashionablymale.net/2017/08/16/teen-sensation-tristan-waite-by-alejandro-palomares-pnv-exclusive-part-i/

You can see more of Tristan Waite on Social Media:
Instagram: @tristanwaite
Twitter: @thetristanwaite

To see more work by Alejandro Palomares, check out:
Instagram: @alejpalphoto
Twitter: @ale_alejandro77
Website: http://alejandropalomares.smugmug.com/

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  1. I wonder if he’s a sensation because of his bulge or looks, I’d say both. They’ll get him far if he knows hows to use them. Some of his photo’s a captivating, so handsome and pretty at the same time. GORGEOUS!

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