We tried Eccentric Styles for Men under a limited budget

We know that so often stores tend to copy of the runway looks, and most of the times, we can’t afford anything that graces a runway, it’s like a taking the trend to the masses without the branding. I do not accept the practice and do appreciate when boutiques try to guard against manufacturers but at the end of the day, I’m sure I have something in my closet that looks like an original.

I don’t mind stores borrowing ideas and inspiration from eccentric designers (so long as it’s not a signature element such as red soles) but when it looks like theyre’ a carbon copy I think it’s a bit cheeky, especially when the wearer tries passing them off as the original.

The Test is:

Eccentric outfits founded for the next season: Autumn/Winter 2017. We thought, “hey we can try to shop this with a limited budget”, anything is possible, right guys?

We saw so much eccentricities around in London, Paris, Milan and New York. But, come on, we’re not gonna fall into that. Although many people do it. We’re not gonna spend $2,000 USD for a suit, yeah you might think “Oh, I spent so many more!” or “Hell! to the NO!.”

The limited (and imaginary) budget is $500.00 USD.

Following some bohemian, chic styles, earth colors, we definitely can shop this garments in any local retailer around the world. Let’s try this:

Antonio Marras FW 16 Milan (30)The first choice is an Antonio Marras F/W 17 Wine Velvet Check Jacket and trousers ready to wear – added leather boots  – the designer imagined Union soldier John McBurney who, injured on the battlefield, is trapped in a girls’ school and has to take pieces from their dresses to create his own wardrobe for this coming season AW17. The outfit is now available on its website, which cost:

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Velvet Check Jacket €886.00
Velvet Check Trousers €497.00
Shoes €309.00
(No bag included)
Total €1,692.00 > ($2,012.00 USD)

Similar Situation

And then we found a very similar suit at ASOS a Noose & Monkey Super Skinny Check Suit in Wine for:

Jacket: $229.00 USD
Vest: $87.00 USD
Pants: $103.00 USD
Loafers $87.00 USD
Total: $506.00 USD > (€425.29)


The Result

It could be cheaper if we removed the Vest, like $419.00 USD but is ok. There is a huge difference:

First of all, we have a recognized designer Antonio Marras, where the experience of buying a designer is so gratifying, you can not imagine how much it is. That outfit is not going to see with its competitors, other luxury brands.
ASOS we have it to reach at our fingertips, in the App and in any store or online.

Is a lot of difference, and I leave you the consumer you are, what a difference have you felt when buying a luxury brand with the purchase of a retailer store.? Comment below.

Obviously this not to encourage to buy fake clothing, or most of us agree that fakes are a disgrace and that we ought to stay away from them, I certainly think that.

Buying a fake is wrong on more levels than most consumers seem to understand. First I think it is best to distinguish a fake from something that was “inspired” by another. A fake to me is something that copies a brand’s designs and/or logos/tags/packaging in an attempt to pass off an illegitimate item as one from the original brand. It will be impossible to avoid “inspired” items; where smaller brands create items very similarly (even carbon copies) at a cheaper construction and sell it under their name (i.e. high street brands).

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Buying fakes does hurt a brand directly. In cases where the fakes are made at high quality and sold to customers as the real thing that is taking a sale right from the store. Fakes also help tarnish brands leaving them undesirable to customers that can afford them.

Other reasons buying fakes are bad are the ethical ones. These counterfeits are usually made in some of the most horrid working environments. Yes some established brands have similar conditions but supporting them on any level is not ok. These are made in half hazard factories using dangerous chemicals with very little regulation as most of them are not legal facilities. Another big thing about counterfeits A LOT of people don’t know is that in a lot of cases they are used to support major drug and crime groups. Counterfeit is in the arsenal of a lot of these large crime organization. Some use it to smuggle drugs and guns into countries and the profits to fund their operations.

In my opinion buying a fake/counterfeit/knockoff only hurts, the buyer included.

Designer apparel and accessories are out of the reach for most of us, but that should be no excuse to buy a fake with another designer’s logo and imagery, get something inspired or close. If you truly love a trouser you love its design not the logo on it, so if you purposely buy a fake you really just want to parade the brand name. Such shallow consumerism hurts more than it is worth.

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