We have a new ‘Prison Bae’: Meet Mekhi

God, now there’s another one!! Apparently nicknamed ‘Prison Bae’. Forget hanging out in a mall to be chanced upon for your big break, you may have to rob or bash someone’s head wide open before you’ll see yourself on the runway.

Last May, Mekhi Alante Lucky, 20, was arrested in North Carolina for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle.

One thing is true: models scouts don’t tend to hang out in neighborhoods like his. It seems like most American models come from wealthier backgrounds because models scouts don’t have the vision to look in lower income areas.

Twitter account Wake Mugshots found Lucky’s photos by scouring police records, and Lucky — and his square jaw — soon went viral, Daily Mail reports.

Even the fashion world was taken by him. Last week, Lucky signed to agency St. Claire Modeling in New York. Lucky has an eye condition called heterochromia that causes his irises to have different colors.


A balding thug with photogenic bone structure. Well, there’s always a market for a bit of rough.

He also has a troubled past: The 5-foot-10 model has been booked for assault and breaking and entering, as well as resisting a public officer, reports the Daily Mail.

But fans are more focused on Lucky’s mug shot than his criminal history.

Mekhi already hit to NYFW:

Let’s see this pictorial by photographer Ahmad Barber and styled by Demanti – who discovered Mekhi – and help for developing models at St. Claire Modeling.

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