Apartment Living Part One: The Hoodie Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

This is my first multiple story presentation. Honestly I couldn’t be happier that it’s featuring my first PnV Feature Model Rhett Beardemphl. He recently had an amazing shoot in and around an incredible apartment with Niki Cram. Story one features Rhett and the staple of every twenty something, the Hoodie.

Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram1Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram2Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram3Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram4Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram5Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram6Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram7Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram8Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram9Rhett Beardemphl by Niki Cram10

Photography Niki Cram @nikicram
Model Rhett Beardemphl @rhetts_life

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