See Valentin Braun the Naked Runner in new video of Goldfrapp’s Everything is never Enough

Valentin who? Valentin Braun is an artsy little fit guy, contemporary dancer, extremely hot, he has this good bone structured and pale skin with a beard who dares you to watch all day and night.

According to IMDb is also an actor who stars in “Penis Poetry” a film directed by Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins.

Valentin Braun 1

It is a film about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with bodies that dance, talk and get excited. The city becomes a jungle and everything is allowed. It is an explicit carnival with penises and butts dancing with the rhythm of samba. It is a film that emphasizes the freedom of expression. Portraits the carnival as a kind of orgy / a consented orgy, where you explore your desires and fantasies and be who you really are.

Valentin Braun 2

He doesn’t have afraid to nudity, he’s a free spirit, a free soul, and he’s very very comfy with his body, yeah you might said, well he’s a hunk, but this is beyond. Valentin has a beautiful open mind to share with everybody, and his body is a tool that he uses to express all his feelings.

Valentin is not only a flesh, beyond your sick mind, Valentin gives nature nudity full of art.



Valentin born in Berlin and living in Brussels, according to Facebook, his aesthetic is convinced with a pornceptual artsy dancer that’s why photographer Manuel Moncayo had a chance to portray him completely naked as well like others photographers, and people who considered Valentin as a male muse.

My world is made of the same struggles and worries as yours. I chose to cope by turning them into art. — Valentin

But guys Valentin is not single, he’s very in love with boyfriend: Theo Samsworth. So step back bitches! He’s taken!

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NOWNESS presented an exclusive new video for their seventh album, Silver Eye, uncompromising duo Goldfrapp “the premise of identity from a spontaneous explosion of mortal considerations.”

Valentin Braun 3

Working alongside a collection of collaborations including St. Vincent producer john Congleton and composer Bobby Krlic, the brooding electronic sounds leave ample room for one’s own contemplations.

That’s why Valentin comes to this video:

Directed by Alison Goldfrapp, capturing the otherworldly landscape of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, “where punishing winds form the land, grow and disappear”, she writes. “Volcanic and desert landscapes are the undefinable. They are life and death. Primal and mystical. They are the portal to the soul”.

I bet we’re gonna see more of Valentin in this coming days, because we are feeling so attracted to him, not only because his body, seriously, is the whole thing behind.

Valentin Braun 4

This set of art is the one that reveals and helps us to live in this world where social networks are taking a wrong position for many.
We must support art in every possible way. Art in all its facets always goes one foot forward, we must avoid being behind.

I invite you to listen the new album of Goldfrapp’s ‘Silver Eye‘.

Check video on www.nowness.com



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