The Fantasy of Photographer Tim Walker

Tim Walker is an English photographer (born in 1970, lives in London) who has been at the forefront of fashion photography, with its epic images and full of beauty. His photographs tell authentic stories, and his extravagant images are prolonged in time, with scenes very carefully, full of details and romanticism that define his unmistakable style.

His muses including Tilda Swinton, Kate Moss, Amanda Harlech, Lynn Wyatt, Jake Love, Matilda Lowther, actors like Alan Rickman, Mackenzie Crook, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ethan Hawke, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, and list can go on and on.


His interest in photography began with his first job in a bookstore ordering Cecil Beaton files as part of his work. After graduating in 1994, he worked as a freelance photography assistant in London in 1994 and then moved to New York as assistant to Richard Avedon.

In 1995, after only 25 years of age, after making portraiture and documentary photography, he made his first session for Vogue magazine and from there his works have illustrated the English, Italian and American editions of that publication.

Walker collaborates with prestigious magazines such as the aforementioned Vogue or Harpers’Bazar. And with the brands: Dior, Gap, Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Bluemarine, WR Replay, Comme des Garçons, Guerlain, Carolina Herrera, etc.

He has also collaborated with film director Tim Burton, who, like him, has a very particular aesthetic vision, and has portrayed the legendary Monty Phyton, among other personalities.

His innovative photography is one of the most imaginative and exuberant that are currently produced. His style is like fantasy and surrealism. His work has been considered exquisite for his ability to present incredible worlds and images full of magic in each of his exhibitions.

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Important museums host their collections, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and The National Portrait Gallery in London. He made his first major exhibition at the Design Museum in London in 2008, coinciding with the publication of his book Pictures.

In 2008 Walker received the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator from The British Fashion Council and in 2009 received an infinity award from The International Center of Photography in New York for her work as a fashion photographer. In 2010 he was the winner of the ASME Prize for his East End portfolio for W. magazine.

In 2010, his first short film The Lost Explorer premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland and won the Best Short Film Award at the Chicago United Film Festival in 2011.

One of the many reasons I love his work so much…he has stated that there has been no photoshop changes to any of his works. As you can imagine, a lot of work goes into every frame! Massive props and sets; I love how he uses traditional photography techniques in order to get the whimsical shots…truly inspiring for any young photographers

I really loved his exhibition. It was ethereal, outlandish and a bit freaky. The big doll at the end really did freak me out as did the snails on the ceilings. The props definitely added a lot to the exhibition.

Tim Walker Photography1Tim Walker Photography2Tim Walker Photography3Tim Walker Photography4Tim Walker Photography5Tim Walker Photography6Tim Walker Photography7Tim Walker Photography8

Walker staged his first major exhibition at the Design Museum, London in 2008. This coincided with the publication of his book ‘Pictures’ published by teNeues.

In 2010 Walker’s first short film, ‘The Lost Explorer’ was premiered at Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland and went on to win best short film at the Chicago United Film Festival, 2011.

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2012 saw the opening of Walker’s ‘Story Teller’ photographic exhibition at Somerset House, London. The exhibition coincided with the publication of his book, ‘Story Teller’ published by Thames and Hudson. In a 2013 collaboration with Lawrence Mynott and Kit Hesketh-Harvey, he also released The Granny Alphabet, a unique collection of portraiture and illustration celebrating grandmothers.

Walker received the ‘Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator’ from The British Fashion Council in 2008 as well as the Infinity Award from The International Center of Photography in 2009. In 2012 Walker received an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society.

The Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London include Walker’s photographs in their permanent collections.

Tim lives in London.

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