Bet You Looking for Something New – Meet Actor/Model Matt Raimo

Matt Raimo arrives to conquer us, not only with his gallantry, but with his skill in acting, a born power that not many can have, but Matt shows that work and dedication go hand in hand. That is why he can achieve his goals.

“I am now acting also. Living in Los Angeles. Just did a movie called “The Neighborhood” which is set to air on TV in February. I had a principal role in that film.” Matt quotes with a radiant vibe and with great pride, currently the film is in pre-production, but soon we will see him.

His gallantry has taken him to the world of modeling and it is where we could see a handsome young Matt who worked with great figures and was in various campaigns since his beginnings in 2012.

Matt Raimon for Nautica FW12 ad.jpg
Matt Raimo for NAUTICA F/W 2012

I’ve worked with many great photographers. Bruce Weber and Mario Testino to name a couple. I’ve done a bunch of campaigns. Nautica, Ralph Lauren to name a couple there also… I’ve worked with Gisele, Candice, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour… just to name a few. — Matt.

But Matt is a really eath kind of guy, we need more people like him, for us he’s really an inspiration, a role model: “I love baseball, dogs, traveling and the beach. I enjoy learning and growing always.”

Matt for Ford Models Men New York.jpg
Matt for Ford Models Men New York 2017

Matt, thank you so much for share some extra words with Fashionably Male. Let’s read it:

Okay, when did you decide to move to Los Angeles to start your actor career?
Matt Raimo: I remember when I moved [to LA] I had this overwhelming gut feeling that it was time to go after it. So I followed my intuition.

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I was born in New York. I’m Irish, Italian, and Spanish. I’m 6’2. I played baseball in the Dominican Republic for two years after college before I began modeling. — Matt.

How was acting for “The Neighborhood” (now in post-production) tell me about your experience.
MR: It was an incredible experience being able to work with a great team both in front of and behind the camera. I’m excited for its release and I think it will allow people to see my work in  a way that they maybe weren’t expecting.
Would you agree to considered a nudity scene in your next production?
MR: If it serves the story.
You have a mix of interested races – Irish/ Italian/ Spanish – have you feel any sort of racism against you at work?
MR: Yes I have.
People is now living extremely negative environment, people is going crazy, climate changing is affecting us. How do you calm your nerves down?
MR: Try not to panic about things that are outside of my control. Though sometimes it gets the best of me… I just trust that everything happens for a reason. Call it believing in God or the Universe. I just feel that even though at the time we may not have an answer for things… it usually comes to us in time.
Tell us something you can never live without.
MR: I think the one thing that comes to mind would be Freedom. I’m not very attached to material things.
matt raimo twitter.jpg
Matt’s Everyday Morning routine:
MR: Wake up, walk my dog, go to the gym… If I can get my body moving early then I’ve started off on the right foot.
Matt’s favorite cheat meal.
MR: Oh man, pizza and pancakes 🙂
What’s your next project?
MR: Currently in development on a project that I’ve had brewing for  a couple of years. Can’t give too many details at this time, but stay tuned.

Matt Raimo can be found on Instagram @mattraimo Twitter: @mattraimo


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