MAN of METROPOLIS presents: The Ivy Leaguers

Fall Semester is in session and these presters take over the campus of the season’s best looks for the September Issue of MAN of METROPOLIS starring Ben Jordan & Tommy Hackett with Drew, Prasad, Dina, Maria, Marcus, William, Mira, Ben and Louren at Columbia University-

The Ivy Leaguers is a very special cover story and tribute to Bruce Weber. This shoot started with mood boarding from old movies like Dead Poet’s Society and School Ties, then we scoured the internet for old A&F Quarterly photos.


Photography by Michael Del Buono and Seth Travis and fashion by Alison Hernon.

I’d like you to invite to see the Print or Digital Copy.

Read more: manofmetropolis.com


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  1. Darryl Doleman

    Bruce Weber never really used black male models until recently. He would shoot black male celebrities though.



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