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Make sure to meet Danny Ivaskiv in the new shots by Joem C. Bayawa

Be the first to meet male model Danny Ivaskiv in the new shots by Joem C. Bayawa.

Danny Ivaskiv is an enthusiasm fitness male model based in Chicago, Joem aimed at him to capture indoors and outdoors session with this hottie with a body.

Modeling indoors Danny is a sculpture, where his body is a temple, ‘cause you know, he spent a lot of time exercising and training to gain a body like that. He’s represented by Ford Models in Chicago and Front Management in Miami, Florida USA.

We know that Joem has a very good apunteria to portray the most handsome and sexy boys in North America.

And thanks to Joem for making a great work along with Danny. Enjoy:

Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa1Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa2Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa3Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa4Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa5Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa6Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa7Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa8Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa9Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa10Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa11Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa12Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa13Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa14Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa15Danny Ivaskiv by Joem C. Bayawa16

Model Name: Danny Ivaskiv
    FORD Models in Chicago, Illinois USA
    Front Management in Miami, Florida USA
Photographer: Joem C. Bayawa
Grooming & Makeup and Styling: Joem C. Bayawa
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3 comments on “Make sure to meet Danny Ivaskiv in the new shots by Joem C. Bayawa

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  2. don’t you have any nudes of this dude?

  3. fashionablymale

    Hi there, I don’t think he has nudes in the web. Sorry.

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