SEE: GiF series “Marble” in collaboration with photographer Florian Joahn

Odiseo Magazine presents the animated GiF series “Marble” in collaboration with photographer Florian Joahn.

Odiseo by Folch Studio stems from a huge need to explore: seeking a visual, unique and personal vision of seduction, digging into new formats, eluding conventions. Odiseo combines imagery that lies between art, fashion and erotica with insightful philosophical essays which delve into universal themes. We aim for not only a visual experience but for an intellectual seduction as well. Odiseo shouts out the unseen: it is contradictory, mysterious, intellectual and intuitive at the same time.Marble_1_FlorianJoahn_2017Marble_2_FlorianJoahn_2017Marble_3_FlorianJoahn_2017Marble_4_FlorianJoahn_2017Marble_5_FlorianJoahn_2017Marble_6_FlorianJoahn_2017

Photography and Animation by Florian Joahn
Styling : Lazar Djurovic
Hair and Make-up: Sophia Gunev
Model: Tyler Wright @ Amck

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