Meet Royal Fitness Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell

Explore a new form of admiring fitness, meet muscle Model and YouTuber Daniel Peyer a try inspiration and motivation for all of us, who transform his physique in less than 4 years.


Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell1

Born in 1994, which, according to Google, makes him either a “Millennial”, “Gen Next”, or “Generation Y”, depending upon which term you choose to use, Daniel Peyer has been living life in a world where social media can give anyone, anywhere, an international platform to share their story.


Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell2
Swimsuit by DSquared2

Daniel’s story began in high school when he took an interest in fitness and started posting photos chronicling his life and workout, health and wellness tips on Facebook and Instagram.


Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell3
Swimsuit by N2N Bodywear

He began with just a few followers, but as he entered college at the University of Wisconsin, his “friends” quickly grew to tens of thousands. His lifestyle “selfies” became a sensation, with strangers around the world turning to him for advice.


Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell4
Swimsuit by Andrew Christian
Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell5
Swimsuit by Pistol Pete 

It was at that point, Daniel realized sharing his life was not only satisfying, but could actually make a difference in other people’s lives.


Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell6
Swimsuit by Dolce & Gabbana
Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell7
Top by ENVY

By the time he graduated from College in 2017 with a degree in Business, his followers had topped 160,000. So what to do next? Daniel decided to take his life on the road for everyone to see and to let social media and his fans help him to make decisions about where he lands next!

Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell8
Top by LASC

To commemorate the beginning of his quest, Daniel had the words “Living Life” tattooed on his forearm and he moved from Wisconsin to Southern California, the starting point of his new journey. Daniel will be combining his passion for fitness, travel, and photography into a unique visual experience for the world to see.

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Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell9
Bodywear by N2N

In the pictures we are exploring right now, photographer Matthew Mitchell set and prepare his camera lens, to capture Daniel in Los Angeles posing like a real adonis, in tiny swimsuits.

Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell10

Daniel has everything to success and is really an inspiration for all young people who is feeling a little lost in this Social Media Era we are living.

But Daniel with 167K followers and counting pushes off his limits and training every single day, and try to motivate to others, taking snaps on IG and motivates in every possible way. Also you can see this hunk on YouTube and subscribe into his channel.

Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell11Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell12

Daniel, a golden boy of 23 years old is living in Palm Springs for now, a new face scouted by Matthew Mitchell. And this kid has been on ADON, and also on DNA Magazine. Speechless no doubt, this is a great example of a healthy living model.

Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell13Daniel Peyer by Matthew Mitchell14

Photography: Matthew Mitchell @matthewmitchell
Talent: Daniel Peyer @peyerdaniel / YouTube: PeyerDaniel / site: livinglifedaniel.com
Grooming: Cristin Villaroela @cristin_villaroela

  1. Wow- Now that’s a Pretty body builder, I hope he doesn’t get much bigger. He’s just about perfect.

  2. Gordon Harris

    Daniel is a gorgeous man with an very handsome physique. He looks like a Nordic god. He does not need any more muscle, because he perfection as he is.

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