From Professional Fitness to Male Model – Discover Dan Jones Pics by Travis Lane

We have witnessed a true Professional Fitness and Coach trainer Dan Jones to be a male model thanks to Travis Lane in this hot session, where Dan’s body is not only his big legacy, he’s got it all. Let’s found out.

The world of competition bodybuilding has really grown and evolved over the last few decades, with the last five years in particular seeing a host of new entrants to this competitive field of fitness. A few decades ago, competing was mostly about bodybuilding, now there are multiple categories for entrants to concentrate on.

We recently find out about this Australian Coach Trainer Dan Jones thanks to Chris Chase from PnV Network, and we decided to go into further and do a little re-search.

Best of all, in Dan’s Instagram, he not only honors his well-trained body, but also greatly supports his clients, friends and people who ask for his support to achieve their goals in the discipline of fitness.

We know it is a very rigid discipline, but it is not impossible to achieve, with the support and motivation that really prepared people can give to achieve great results.

Travis did a very good job capturing Dan’s physique, but not only that, he did great frames capturing a sexy but natural side of Dan.

Dan Jones by Travis Lane1Dan Jones by Travis Lane2Dan Jones by Travis Lane3Dan Jones by Travis Lane4Dan Jones by Travis Lane5Dan Jones by Travis Lane6Dan Jones by Travis Lane7Dan Jones by Travis Lane8Dan Jones by Travis Lane9


Photography Travis H. Lane @travislanephoto / travishlane.com
Model Dan Jones @danjones.fitmodel


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