Enjoy Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou at Governor’s Beach, Cyprus.

The Governor’s Beach is located in the Limassol region. It is a 2 km shoreline, with sandy beaches, deep crystal waters and a blue flag waving. The area is unknown to most locals and tourists.

That’s why Cyprus based photographer Stavros Christodoulou and beautiful male model Martin Ivanov from SC Models Management in France, join this beautiful paradise to make this stunning session.

The spectacular white rocks area at Governor’s Beach in Cyprus, is only steps away from the beach for those who like snorkeling, boating, fishing…or have a nice walk in one of the many nature trails on the hills.

Martin has beautiful features, and looks so hot in speedo, even when the weather was cold, he looks fabulous in the pictures.

Enjoy the natural view of Governor’s Beach in Cyprus. Book your flight over there right now.

Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou1Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou2Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou3Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou4Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou5Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou6Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou7Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou8Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou9Martin Ivanov by Stavros Christodoulou10

Photographer: Stavros Christodoulou
IG: @stavroschr
FB: /stavroscphotography
Site: www.stavrosc.com

Model: Martin Ivanov @ SC Models Management (France)
IG: @ivanov888

Styling: Constantinos Natiotis
IG: @fangtasianat

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