Scrumptious body art – shots by David Vance featuring Eric Turner

Eric Turner comes in a scrumptious pictorial set by master David Vance, the photo-session you’re about to see is not for people who have cardiac problems.

Eric Turner looks incredible good in the pictures, is the result, of having a good healthy body for years, because he’s so discipline into his nutrition.

So David Vance mentioned this “Eric Turner who at 37 is at the peak of his masculine beauty… the guy even has beautiful feet along with everything else”.

We’re guess David Vance had a great time snapping all the way to Turner.

Through all this years and if you are a fan of Vance you can get now a limited edition prints from his work at: www.davidvanceprints.com. The images in these galleries are available for purchase as fine art limited edition prints. They are printed on museum quality, archival, Hahnemuhle paper.

One senses that the soul of David Vance is more important to the photograph than the camera. A quiet strength is interwoven with even the softest of his studies of the female form. A certain delicacy is sensed in his powerful portfolio of the male nude.

Don’t you dare to blink:

Eric Turner by David Vance0Eric Turner by David Vance1Eric Turner by David Vance6bwEric Turner by David Vance7bwEric Turner by David Vance8Eric Turner by David Vance8aEric Turner by David Vance9Eric Turner by David Vance9aEric Turner by David Vance9bEric Turner by David Vance9cEric Turner by David Vance9dEric Turner by David Vance11Eric Turner by David Vance12Eric Turner by David Vance13Eric Turner by David Vance14Eric Turner by David Vance16

Don’t forget to follow Eric Turner: IG @erictastic

If you want some more, Vance has a very sexy book printed with Kevin Selby, check this link: http://www.blurb.com/my/ebooks/639858-kevin-selby

And also a book on Johnny Kane at: http://www.blurb.com/b/8212689-johnny-kane-muse?ebook=639857

And for those who likes Vance work but are on a budget, he has this printed t-shirt from male muscle body shots, notebooks, phone covers, etc… at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/dmvance?asc=u


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    Always a sweetheart and Handsome as always.. Bod to die for! Papacito lindo!

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  3. What a beautiful man!

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