Tie Dye Series Part 6 – Hot Lucas Garcez by JPhotography

Tie Dye Series Part 6 is coming today featuring hot model Lucas Garcez entire project by photographer José Pope aka JPhotography.

Lucas Garcez is from Way Model in Brazil, Elite in Milan, Wilhelmina in US – Supa models in UK.

For the last months José has shared with us some of his best work “Tie Dye Series” a new project managed by him, which is based and inspired by Mario Testino “Tuesday Towel” work presented for VMAN and Vogue.

Don’t miss out this project, if you want to support this, get in touch with José Pope right now.

Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_07aJose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_01aJose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_07Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_01Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_03Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_06aJose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_06Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_04aJose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_04Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_05aJose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_05Jose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_02aJose Pope_Tie Dye Series_Lucas Garcez_02

Photography José Pope aka JPhotography @jphotography91 / www.jphotography.org.uk
Model Lucas Garcez @lucasgarcez93

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  1. Lucas is luscious! He can drop by any time. I’d love to cuddle with him! hot is he!

  2. Tie dye in black and white? hmm.. Okay…I’d rather see Lucas lying mostly naked on the floor, bed or pillows for Tie dye series…it’s a bit distracting wrapped in all that fabric (could be tie dyed parachutes or balloons) here this, background, looks like he’s advertising for laundry detergent or bedsheets. It puts too much focus on the sheets, the towel series is 1 towel loosely wrapped around the waist and it’s white (simple) in a highly lit studio. It focuses on the model not the towel. Luca’s is so gorgeous, here at first I didn’t recognise him. I’d focus more on him and less on the sheets. More Skin, maybe the backdrop tie dyed in color, and him in black & White or reverse or a combination of all. Just saying…

  3. […] Tie Dye Series Part 6 – Hot Lucas Garcez by JPhotography […]

  4. […] Tie Dye Series Part 6 – Hot Lucas Garcez by JPhotography […]

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