Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips in ‘Jealous’ for Lewis Magazine

So we couldn’t refuse to re-post the work of photographer Aart Verrips and we did a little research about his background:

At 24-years-old, Johannesburg-based photographer, Aart Verrips has captured the attention of the South African fashion scene, while making a global and digital impact.

Verrips continues to gain recognition for a distinctive style that merges the daring, provocative and risqué, while maintaining a commercial aesthetic, expansive creativity and attention to detail that hint at his earlier studies as a pastry chef in France.

The self-taught photographer is credited with having ‘an incredible eye for the human form’, which is present in his noted collaboration with celebrated designer Rich Mnisi on his SS17 menswear collection, which was published in Vogue Italia. It pulses through Verrips’ work with South Africa’s new fashion avant-garde, including Matte Nolim, Nao Serati and Thebe Magugu, who trusted Verrips with realising their creative vision. Additionally, his collaborations with stylist Bee Diamondhead have captivated the local industry, with their multiple projects being widely shared on digital platforms and recognised for their striking, distinctive imagery.

Commenting on his decision to pursue the profession, Verrips says: “I love fashion photography because you can create a different world in one single frame, you can make the impossible seem possible’. This ideal permeated his debut solo exhibition, which spun on questions of masculine beauty, its alluring variances and our endless pursuit for perfection, which showed at Hazard Gallery, Johannesburg.

This photography was taken in Johannesburg, Gauteng with stunning contemporary dancer Shane Michael Childs who we also fall in love about his looks, gone platinum is the best thing he could do.

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The style is incredible good, is surpassingly good, they take this vintage, urban style, but turning millennial fresh, with brands like TOPMAN, COS, H&M, Calvin Klein, Comme des Garçons Play, adidas, just to mention a few.

Verrips’ editorial work has been published in GQ, Marie Claire, Vogue, Men’s Health, Woman’s Health, Client, and Yearbook Fanzine, and many other digital and print publications. Represented by Lampost and Lustre.

Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips5

Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips4
Hat: Bulletin Broads Nolita NYC, Pants: COS, Socks: TOPMAN Shoes – Converse

Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips6

Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips2
Shirt – TOPMAN, Chain – Stylist own, Pant – TOPMAN, Shoes – Adidas

Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips1

Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips13
Shirt – H&M, Coat – Rains, Pant – Markhams, Socks – TOPMAN Shoes – ZARA, Backpack – Rains
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips8
Shirt – COS, Belt – COS, Pant – Weekday, Socks – TOPMAN, Shoes – H&M Studio
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips10
Shirt – Calvin Klein, MoonBag – Not Seen, Pant – Weekday
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips9
Glasses – Urban Outfitters, Shirt – Comme des Garçons Play, Belt – COS Pant – Vintage, Shoes – ZARA
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips12
Shirt – Acne, Jacket – Adidas
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips3
Shirt – Levis at Opening Ceremony
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips11
Chain – Markhams, Shirt – TOPMAN, Pant – Weekday
Shane Michael Childs by Aart Verrips7
Head Scarf – TOPMAN, Shirt – COTTON:On

Photographer: Aart Verrips (IG: @aartverrips_official) with Lampost (IG:@lampostsa)
Model: Shane Micheal Childs(IG: @go_for_shane)


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