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Hong Kong Express – Shtefan Dmitrii pics by Karim Konrad – Exclusive

Hunky fitness model Shtefan Dmitrii snapped by Karim Konrad in exclusive.

Direct from Hong Kong we have the exclusive featuring of model Shtefan Dmitrii snapped by Karim Konrad a huge collaborator from our beginning.

In the following pictures we can see this handsome hunky male model Shtefan a beautiful boyfriend material discovered by Karim Konrad.

Konrad has been lately worked at Hong Kong from the last year. Discovering new projects and new faces, this is a clearly collaboration between this two guys in HK. Besides Dmitrii is an actor and model in Hong Kong, they really loved him in Asia, and so we do, he’s so hot!.

The work of Konrad has been seen through entire world, I can’t figure it out how many publications we have published through all this years.

But let’s see it and appreciate this:

Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive1Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive2Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive3Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive4Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive5Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive6Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive7Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive8Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive9Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive10Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive11Dmitry Shtefan by Karim Konrad Exclusive12

Photography Karim Konrad @karimkonrad /
Model Shtefan Dmitrii @shtefan_dmitrii /


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