Actor Julian Morris by Karl Simone for Iris Covet Book

This is the work of fashion photographer Karl Simone for Iris Covet Book a print book about beauty and fashion where the photographer collaborates featuring the story of actor Julian Morris styled by Alvin Still Well.

“I’m devastated reading the stories of these women and men who have been preyed upon. But also, there seems to be a cultural shift that hopefully will prevent these sorts of acts from happening again. I think if you look at any shift in terms of a progression of society, whether it’s civil rights or gay rights, the liberalization of society, it’s a cultural one and it’s a really positive one. ” – @julianmorris read his entire interview up now at iriscovetbook.com

In the issue you can find: a full interview with the actor “One of the powers of acting, or at least what drives me to it, and why I think it’s so important or can be so important, is how universal it is — I really believe that as different as we may be superficially from each other, and it really is a superficial thing, we all experience the same emotions and dream the same and hope the same and feel devastated in exactly the same way no matter our politics or our superficial identity.”⠀

Find it right now and enjoy the issue.

Julian Morris by Karl Simone1Julian Morris by Karl Simone2Julian Morris by Karl Simone3Julian Morris by Karl Simone4Julian Morris by Karl Simone5Julian Morris by Karl Simone6Julian Morris by Karl Simone7Julian Morris by Karl Simone8

Photographer Karl Simone @karl_simone
Actor Julian Morris @julianmorris
Stylist Alvin Still Well @alvinstillwellstylist
Interviewed by #matthewrettenmund
Grooming by @mirachai

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  1. Gordon Harris

    Julian Morris is a good looking man, and these pics of him are wonderful.
    Thanks & Hugs, Gordon

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