Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine

The following images belong to Paper Magazine and are created by photographer Simon Lipman a really good and fabulous photographer and his work has been in all over the world, now this time he’s working with styling Adele Cany and make up artist Rebekah Lidstone for a new issue for Paper Magazine, starring by International top model Jhonattan Burjack.

Take a look:

Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine1Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine2Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine3Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine4Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine5Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine6Jhonattan Burjack for Paper Magazine7

Model Jhonattan Burjack @jhona_burjack
Photographer Simon Lipman – www.simonlipman.com @thecontactsheets
Fashion Stylist Adele Cany @adelecany
Stylist Assistant Shade Huntley
Grooming by Rebekah Lidstone at Stella Creative Artists

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  1. Don’t like…he isn’t that cute, and giving us all the finger (times 2) is pretty doggone rude!

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