Joem Bayawa presents Camren Bunn exclusive shots in Chicago

Ok guys, are you for this amazing but cold weekend, so don’t forget to visit and see this new outstanding portrait presented by Chicago based photographer Joem Bayawa.

This new face is Camren Bunn a young boy ready to hit the big scenarios for modeling, as we can see on his IG, Bunn is a well stunning fit body man who likes to keep firmed his body and really enjoys taking snaps to spread out that he got really good vibes.

In the following images we can see Camren in Chicago snapped by Joem Bayawa and styled Jacki Debb owner and proprietor of Jax and Debb. (@jaxanddebb)

Camren Bunn Submission (1)Camren Bunn Submission (2)Camren Bunn Submission (3)

Camren Bunn grew up on the beautiful island of St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands. There he appreciated outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, boating, and beach volleyball.

Camren Bunn Submission (4)Camren Bunn Submission (5)Camren Bunn Submission (6)Camren Bunn Submission (7)

He says:  “the unique culture there afforded him the opportunity to experience people from all walks of life and really opened up his view of the world.”

Camren Bunn Submission (8)Camren Bunn Submission (9)Camren Bunn Submission (10)

Camren moved to Chicago to study at Loyola University and pursue a career in medicine. He immediately fell in love with the city and the culture.

Camren Bunn Submission (11)

Oh boy! this images are my favorite ones, see how gorgeous is Camren in black and white pics, thanks Joem for doing this. Camren has beautiful eyes and amazing fit body.

Camren Bunn Submission (12)Camren Bunn Submission (13)Camren Bunn Submission (14)Camren Bunn Submission (15)

It was here in Chicago that Camren began his modeling career. He says he feels inspired by the architecture, the city lights, and the overall urban yet relaxed feel of the city.

Camren Bunn Submission (16)Camren Bunn Submission (17)

Camren recently connected with Chicago-based fashion, fitness and portrait photographer Joem Bayawa and has loved every moment working with him. Joem shot Camren’s first studio session and the two have developed a close friendly relationship. Camren Bunn Submission (18)Camren Bunn Submission (19)


Camren said that Joem has a lot of talent with the camera and always knows how to capture the right moments. He loves working with him because Joem knows how to bring out the natural flow in a shoot by getting to know the model on a personal and comfortable level.

Camren Bunn Submission (20)

Photography Joem Bayawa
IG @joembayawaphotography
TW @joembayawaphoto
Model Camren Bunn @camren.bunn
Stylist Jacki Debb using Jax and Debb @jaxanddebb


  1. Camren has great potential ! love him

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