Christian Olivo is giving us epic shots thanks to David Vance

Finally something’s good is happening in January 2018. YEAH, we have this epic shots by photographer David Vance and hunk model and actor Christian Olivo.

Christian has a pretty good 2017 with thousand of shootings, castings in LA and Hollywood, spending thousand of hours in the gym, so far, Christian is taking some time to make you laugh if you follow him on IG.

The connection between David Vance and Olivo is stunning, I mean, you can see it below, with black and white portraits and color portraits, Christian looks like a full 50’s hot dandy and then turning upside down and look like a 90’s male model.

This versatile side of Christian has taking him too far into movie, commercial shots, in Miami and Hollywood.

Take a breath and see this:

Christian Olivo by David Vance1Christian Olivo by David Vance2Christian Olivo by David Vance3Christian Olivo by David Vance4Christian Olivo by David Vance5Christian Olivo by David Vance6Christian Olivo by David Vance7Christian Olivo by David Vance8Christian Olivo by David Vance9Christian Olivo by David Vance11Christian Olivo by David Vance12Christian Olivo by David Vance13Christian Olivo by David Vance14Christian Olivo by David Vance15Christian Olivo by David Vance16

Photography David Vance @davidvancephoto / www.davidvanceprints.com
Model Christian Olivo @instachristiano


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  1. Gordon Harris

    YUMMY! Thanks

  2. He makes all my body quiver. He’s funny, talented, sexy, and look at that face, handsome lil devil, you want to take to him Mom and just parade him around the old neighborhood. Like a new puppy but damn he’s so gorgeous, I’d have a very hard time ever leaving his side. Of course David Vance captures every inch of him in splendor and delight for us to droll and feel jealous he got to see him in the flesh. I’m being a lil over dramatic, you think? Hell no, Look at him, that hair, those eyes them muscles and that smile of a Greek God. Now that’s dramatic… hahaha, he’s so Damn Pretty I can’t take. Thank you Chris, you made my day and night… I’ll comeback tomorrow and droll some more. I do follow him on IG and he’s all that a a Huge Bag of Chips! Bello Puto! tan lindo.

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