Meet dashing sophomore college Brandon pics by Lagaret

We finally meet this dashing sophomore college Brandon Falkenstein a 19 year old young man, represented by Mike McMullen and snapped by Bill Lagaret.

Thanks to Bill, that did a wonderful work as ever, Brandon got wonderful pics, we can see that this new face – although he has rock abs and a strong chest – he proves that he really sticking into modeling scene and not only he has a pretty face, he shows his own personality.

So right this minute, you can see the pics below, and hope we can see this sophomore college in other stunning work like this:

Brandon Falke by Lagaret1Brandon Falke by Lagaret2Brandon Falke by Lagaret3Brandon Falke by Lagaret4Brandon Falke by Lagaret5Brandon Falke by Lagaret6Brandon Falke by Lagaret7Brandon Falke by Lagaret8

Photography Lagaret @_lagaret_
Model: Brandon Falkenstein @the_incredible_falk represented by Mike McMullen.

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