Joan Crisol presents Gemelos Perez in Always Together

We are so thrilled to present the new work of Spanish photographer Joan Crisol. This work contains not suitable for minors.

Joan Crisol adores so much the human body and we bet he will dedicate his entire life to shoot a completely naked and raw human figure. Joan does not fear at all the nudity, people does. He worships the nudity, a portrait of a naked soul is underlined here in this coming work.

Perez Twins comes in the perfect moment to proves us that LOVE conquers all. That unity is unique. That two souls come to one. That this is not about pornography, this is about ART.

Spanish gemelos, posing completely nude for the lens of Joan Crisol, and they did a very lovely and adorable work together.

In an entire studio for this guys, Joan Crisol works with different techniques of lighting, shadows – dark shades – and black and white. Where Perez Twins are hugging each other, like the brothers they are, and the result is PERFECTION.

Enjoy it:

You can follow the work of Joan Crisol here: IG @joancrisolphoto / joancrisol.com
Models: Perez Twins @jys.twins


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  1. Gordon Harris

    Oh, My goodness! Thank you for sharing these magnificent photos of these gorgeous, sexy twins.

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