Here’s Italian Adonis Nicola Simionato delighting our pupils

Performer and singer muscle adonis Nicola Simionato probably you see him dancing at best VIP clubs at Venice, Ibiza or Miami, Nicola Simionato represents the versatile evolution of the nightlife’s artistic.

This photography belongs to Maurizio Montani thanks to Ivo Panaretti who helps us to get the pics and making the connections with them.

We are stunned watching this pictures, Nicola in 2015 he became the project creator of ‘Contamination’ where style, music and sophisticated vocal rhythm merge together in order o touch your soul.

According to who published recently – considered an Italian God – “Nicola Simionato explores the overlap between the human and the divine”.

And is true:

Photographer Maurizio Montani @mauriziomontani /
Performer Nicola Simionato @nsesagerato /

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