11 hot pics of Kaz van der Waard by Ivan Avila for Fashionably Male

Brought to you by photographer Ivan Avila in exclusive.

Instagrammer and fitness-healthy-life-style connaisseur Kaz van der Waard –Glorious is probably the word you’re looking for – is part of the new portrait taken by photographer Ivan Avila in Downtown Los Angeles.

This is not the first collaboration working together as a team, Kaz and Avila has worked together last year in 2017 with a fascinated work under the rocks at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV.

Since then, the motivational coach online and model has been increased his fans all over the world –357K and counting– and also with 6K people around the world follow his YouTube Chanel checking his motivational messages, online trainings and fitness progress.

We recommend the fitness program: 10 WEEK COACHING PLAN Designed by Kaz van der Waard with a personal workout program, In app + video and subscription Personal Supplement program (optional) Available worldwide. 

Ivan Avila giving us a beautiful portrait of Kaz, spring is here and we really are enjoying with this stunner, Ivan works along with collaborators Monica Rodriguez Morgan Sykes Jaybush.

Red Rock Canyon witnessed 23 hot pics including Fitness Kaz van der Waard shots by Ivan Avila – Exclusive

Now check out this:

Model: Kaz van der Waard @kazvibes / / YouTube Chanel
Photo: Ivan Avila @ivanavilaphotography /
Collaborators: Monica Rodriguez Morgan Sykes Jaybush.


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  1. Kaz van der Waard is a handsome man with a great physique. Too bad that he disfigured himself with too many tattoos.

  2. its true so beautiful men but this tattos are too much, what thinks this young men’s so disfiguring their beautiful body’s

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