Who’s Dailos? Presenting A New Face by Jose Martinez

6’1″ blue eyed blond hair model named Dailos Ramirez a new face presented by photographer and video maker Jose Martinez. Dailos is a personal trainer, has a great body shape, has beautiful deep blue eyes, and he loves the healthy life style.

Dailos a young man, full of life, extroverted character, Dailos’ mojo “Life has not been made to understand it, but to live it.”

Check the new portrait video Jose Martinez did! is FA👏BU👏LOUS!

AND!!!!! We also included this portrait from all thousand pictures Jose Martinez sent to us. Check it out:

But hey this is not all, we have this another video where Dailos looks so gorgeous and hot!!!!

Dailos Ramirez: instagram @dailos_ramirez  Represented by  @agenciakara /@masqmodacanarias /@ole_group
Photography & Video: instagram @jose_martinez84


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