12 Best Realness Images with Matt van de Sande by Marco Marezza

Currently in Milan we have the new best realness images with Matt van de Sande thanks to Marco Marezza.

Remember that days ago we presented ‘body realness’ also with Matt, well, this is the biggest representation of the best realness images.

So every time we found Matt getting into fashion modeling, of course, he can’t denied, he’s in Milan, the fashion capital, we can’t be surprised that next time he will be on some runway in Milan Fashion Week or being the male muse for some fashion brand.

There’s so much passion behind this pictures, Matt looks adorable, the work behind is splendid thanks to work of Marco Marezza and crew: Adalberto on make up and Stefano Gatti as a hairstylist.

Shot by Marco Marezza @marcomarezza
Model Matt van de Sande @mattvandesande_official
Make up Adalberto P. @adalb53
Hair Stefano Gatti @stefanogattihairstylist

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