FlashBack with stunning work by Master Nick Knight for Arena Homme Plus

The arresting final images from Nick Knight’s shoot for Arena Homme Plus, featuring the John Galliano’s Autumn/Winter 2007 menswear collection in all its militaristic and raw pagan energy.

Invited by Arena Homme Plus magazine to photograph the highlights of John Galliano’s outlandish Autumn/Winter 2007 menswear collection, Nick Knight and Simon Foxton took the studio for two days. Staging one of the explosive action shoots that are the hallmark of their longstanding creative collaboration, the results are captured here in Beasting – a series of editorial photographs and exclusive fashion film.

Photography and Direction: Nick Knight

Styling: Simon Foxton

Models: Leon and Charlie at D1 Models, Shayne at Bookings, Andrew, Matthew, David and Sinden

Fashion Editing: Jo-Ann Furniss

Film Edit: Ruth Hogben

Grooming: Florrie White at D&V

Photographic Assistance: Simon Thiselton and Ruth Hogben

Styling Assistance: Charles and Elgar

Production: Charlotte Wheeler and Kaylie Mountford

Technical Development: Paul Bruty

Location: Park Royal Studios

With kind thanks to Jo-Ann Furniss and Arena Homme Plus.

via showstudio.com

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