Looking Elegant – Chaubernaud for ZARA ‘The Clean Cut’ S/S18

Understated suiting | Uncomplicated and refined. A perfectly fitting suit in seasonal tones and complementary accessories.

This how ZARA chosen –once again– French Top Model Clément Chabernaud –an institution in the modeling scene. You just have to stare at him every single pose, every single angle he does is for you to get the best impression on him.

An informal air to tailoring, easy styling with modern proportions serve as the defining characteristic check the “Clean Cut” Collection S/S 2018 at Zara.com

Chabernaud looked elegant, looked so divine, empowered the fast fashion brand and he took it into a modern superb and nice brand. That you can’t believe this is Zara.

Clement Chabernaud for Zara


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