Utilize Technology for Faster Pearly Whites

Everyone loves to have clean white teeth. Aside from the obvious health benefits, there’s the added allure of being able to capture Instagram-worthy pics while on the go.

Cesar Chang
Cesar Chang

In the modern era, there’s a lot of emphasis that has been placed on things previous generations considered mundane. While this is true, looking crisp, clean and smart can have a number of added benefits, even in the work environment.

Pearly white teeth can be a source of confidence to strike up conversations and think while on one’s feet. Given the man-eat-man society we live in, having any added advantage can be a massive boost to get ahead.

From a statistical point of view, the numbers show that dental issues like tooth decay have been on the decline in the last decade. The rapid improvements in technology have facilitated massive improvements in dental health practices world over. At present, it is easier for one to seek medical attention on issues like decay and Chipped Tooth issues.

Dakota Wolfe by Demetrius Washington
Dakota Wolfe

While this sounds well and good, when it comes down to health condition of teeth, there should never be a compromise on the frequency and effort taken in brushing teeth. Tooth brushing is considered by some as an art since it involves the calculation of various angles, different techniques and a plethora of available toothpastes.

For good dental hygiene, following a good regimen is important. No fancy toothbrushes are required, however, there’s good reason why dentists actually recommend electric toothbrushes. 

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Alex Sewall

The conventional method used by many to brush teeth is not foolproof since there are chances that one may be unable to cover all the bases, not incorporate the right motion and insufficient brushing time. With electric toothbrushes, all the aforementioned problems automatically become history.

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Smart electric toothbrushes have the ability to pair up with smart phones and other technological devices in order to guide people through the tooth brushing process. By making utility of such smart toothbrushes, one can get insights on which regions of the mouth to focus on, the pace at which to brush the teeth and how long one should take on each tooth.

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App-enabled smart toothbrushes like Oral-B and Philips have fantastic operational capabilities. Their designs feature grip textures in order to facilitate easier holding. In addition, the brush heads are typically slim but sturdy. Thanks to these design elements, brushing teeth becomes a breeze because the brushes easily move from one side to another in the mouth. 

Amazingly, the apps allow interconnection via the Bluetooth platform. Thus, one can comfortably move around without worrying about a dip in responsiveness.

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Purposefully, the app divides the mouth into six sections in order to provide accurate visual representation of the tooth cleaning exercise. As one brushes, the regions cleaned become less greyed and eventually turn to white.

Dorian Reeves by Deon Jackson
Dorian Reeves

The apps also have three brushing modes and three intensity levels built in to allow increased customized integration. In the charging station, there’s the allowance for up to two brush heads to fit for storage.

During storage, the brush heads get sanitized with ultraviolet light, thus, one always has the assurance that the brush is ever clean and actually serves its purpose of removing germs and plaque. 

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