Sleeping in the Nude: Pros and Cons

Having a remarkable body is to be lauded; you’ve worked for it! Are you more likely to sleep in the nude if you have a chiselled torso? Who knows the answer to that, but we do know what some people adore the slumber in their birthday suits, whereas, on the other side of the coin, there are sleepy souls who prefer the comfort of their bedclothes.

The market for bedtime clothing is huge, and you can get your hands on all manner of cute, cosy, slinky and sexy numbers, depending on your intentions and preferences. But the best options to opt for, whether clothed is certainly up for debate, so that’s what we’re going to do.

There’s nothing better than sitting on the fence and offering solid arguments for both preferences.

What are the Cons of Sleeping Naked?

If you can’t quite make your mind up on whether to strip down to the buff come bedtime, here we have a handful of reassuring reasons why you could be doing the right thing by staying pyjamaed-up!

Prevent those embarrassing moments: Not everyone is lucky enough to live alone, or with a partner, they’re comfortable being seen naked by. Roommates, parents and even children can be around at the most awkward times, like when you’re nipping off to the loo late at night. And, the last thing you want is to get caught with everything on show, right?!

Save on time: You can save yourself lots of time by not having to go shopping for bedclothes. Instead, you can spend the time shopping for much more interesting things like a new mattress to sleep on!

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Spend less on utility bills: You’ve just saved time having to go shopping and maintaining the upkeep of your PJs and comfies for wearing under the sheets, but have you thought about how those extra pennies you can keep in the bank account by having less washing to do?

It’s not always hot enough: You may have been aware that sleeping under cooler temperatures is better for improving quality of sleep (we’ll come back to this in the next section) but being cooler is only good until a point.

If you are too cool, you’re not cool anymore, you’re cold! If you’re shivering without those toasty night garments on then you can kiss goodbye to a good night’s sleep, which is definitely a con!

What are the Pros of Sleeping Naked?

So, you’re the adventurous type who wants to feel plenty of sheets on skin, huh? Prepare to be rewarded for your actions! Here are some of our reasons to encourage you to give sleeping in the nude a go…

Cooler bodies mean improved sleep: We told you that we’d be back for more on this point and here we are.

By stripping off those layers of clothing, you’re increasing the chances of getting an improved night’s sleep, due mainly to the fact that your body’s natural temperature fluctuations can take place without you knowing, i.e. waking you up.

Found yourself flipping about like a fish out of water at night? Waking up to fan the sheets at intervals of an evening? Eradicate all of this by sleeping in the nude to solve your problem.

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It can be sexy: there’s something notably sexy about sleeping in the nude. Also, lots of people who choose to sleep naked feel better about themselves physically.

What’s more, it can certainly bring an extra air of closeness for couples sharing a bed, highlighted by the fact that skin on skin contact helps release oxytocin. This is basically one of those feel-good hormones that come from embracing.

Unless you layer right up, you can still enjoy some aspects of this with night clothes on, but let’s be honest, the fewer clothes you wear to bed, the sexier it can be because skin on skin definitely makes for a closer relationship, we thinkRade Lazic for Real Magazine

You could lose more weight: There are plenty of studies that highlight how sleeping in lower temperatures can speed up the rate of your metabolism. This will aid any attempts to stay on the slimmer side compared to people who sleep in their favourite pyjamas.

Tossing away your bedtime clothes could be the key to you losing that little bit of weight you were looking to rid yourself of before you share a bed space without someone special!

Just for men: Lastly, on a slightly more serious note, men sleeping naked can benefit from their testicles enjoying some delightful breathing time.

Those guys are trapped under layers for pretty much all of the day, so by receiving more air flow, it will lessen the risk of both bacterial infections and the uncomfortable chafing. Cooler temperatures also keep your sperm healthy and plentiful too.

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