Fractora Laser Treatment for Acne

Fractora Laser Treatment for Acne

If there’s one thing that blights a male model’s self-esteem when a shoot or fashion show is looming, it is undoubtedly acne.

It may sound superficial, but its consequences are deeper than we may imagine.

Surveys show that around 96% of people with acne report feeling depressed about their condition, and 31% have declined to participate in social activities because of a bad breakout.Fractora Laser Treatment for Acne

If acne is stressing you out, take heart; new developments in the field of cosmetic treatments have made both active acne and acne scars easier than ever to stop in its tracks. Two popular choices for these issues are Fraxel and Fractora Laser Treatments.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Fraxel is laser treatment that uses light energy to treat specific parts of the skin without harming surrounding tissues.

The treatment (which also known as ‘skin resurfacing’) is considered an optimal treatment for acne scars because it requires minimal down time and it stimulates skin cell renewal without destroying the skin surface. Fractora Laser Treatment for AcneFraxel involves the application of a handheld device to the parts of your skin being treated.

A session can take as little as 15 minutes and usually produces only minimal side-effects. Some patients do notice a little redness and swelling for a few days; your skin might also peel slightly.

Around six sessions will be needed for severe scarring, though the number of sessions required will be determined by the professional treating you.

How does Fraxel Laser Therapy Work?

The technique works simply; fractional lasers penetrate the top layers of the skin, stimulating collagen (the ‘building block’ of skin) to regenerate.

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In this way, a bevy of skin conditions are improved, including stretch marks (great for male models who have lost significant amounts of weight), sun spots, wrinkles, large pores, fine lines around the eyes, and irregular skin texture. Fractora Laser Treatment for AcneDoctors generally prefer not to use Fraxel on active acne in order to minimize the potential for further infection at the time of the resurfacing.

Skincare Products and Lasers or Peels for Active Acne

If your doctor is treating your skin for scars and notices an active acne breakout, they may recommend pausing laser therapy, treating skin instead with a combination of laser and effective yet gentle creams.

These products will soothe skin and keep it well hydrated, and protected against the ravages of the sun. This short pause may be recommended because Fraxel can ‘hide’ underlying infection, only to result in a more painful, inflamed breakout. Gentler peels and anti-acne solutions can work to eliminate emerging pimples.

Once they are gone, you can concentrate on the most obvious problem: the pockmarks that can wrest from the smooth look you need for a photo shoot.

Fractora for Active Acne

Fractora is a laser therapy that differs from Fraxel in that it relies on bipolar radiofrequency technology to smoothen the complexion, treat wrinkles, tighten skin, and generate luminosity, and reduce irregularity in skin tone.Fractora Laser Treatment for Acne It is commonly used to treat active acne. However, it also works excellently on large pores, acne scars, and pigmentation.

As is the case with Fraxel, Fractora laser reaches the deeper layers of the skin to boost collagen production. A handheld device is also used to target specific areas.

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The session takes around half an hour, and around three days of down time are required. Fractora Laser Treatment for AcneSkin may appear red, and it is vital to stay out of the sun for a few days to avoid burning. After two days or so, you can apply a little foundation to hide the redness.

Usually, around three sessions will be required, though the frequency and time frame between treatments will be determined by your dermatologist or therapist.

Fraxel and Fractora laser treatments are considered the Gold Standard when it comes to treating acne and acne scars quickly and efficiently, with additional benefits including greater luminosity and tightness, and fewer wrinkles. Fractora Laser Treatment for AcneThey enable a lower reliance on antibiotics and harsh treatments which can have side-effects, including increased skin sensitivity.

If you think laser might be a solution for you, see your doctor and come up with a personalized treatment plan.

It is no less than amazing to think that in just a few sessions, you could have a smooth complexion that will take you farther in your modeling career.

Model: Andres Velencoso by Germaine de Cappuccini.

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