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By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan”

Two of my favorite people in modeling have recently collaborated on an incredible project.

Photographer Joseph Lally and Model Ryan Winter have created some amazing work for a book called “Ryan” that will be published by The Club of Men Editions.A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV Network

Obviously Ryan Winter is the muse. I asked Joseph to give me some insight to the project, his views on photography and social media and working with Ryan. 

Interview with Joseph Lally

CC: How has photography changed as an art form in today’s current digital world?

JL: The amount of image making has extended greatly and because of Instagram, the accessibility has also, and in some ways, makes images less “sacred”, special, more disposable. That is why I think doing a print edition is important, to regain its specialness.

A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV NetworkCC: What are the pros and cons of using Instagram as the go to source?

JL: The pro is the potential for a larger audience and the swiftness of it, The negative is that it becomes cannibalistic, in that a constant feed is craved. There is a numbing factor when there is sensory overload. people are looking at so many images on their phones, very little time to digest.

CC: Tell me about the nature of beauty in these images as a replacement for the art of statues in the Greco Roman era.

JL: In a sense, they are a replacement in essence. The images in the print book RYAN, represent classic as well as idealized beauty, something to dream about.
A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV NetworkCC: How would you describe your personal style of photography?

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JL: My photography is my response to the model and that is why the selection of the model is vital, they must inspire me.

A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV NetworkCC: Why did you select Ryan Winter for this particular project?

JL: Ryan has a refined beauty. He has an inborn elegance and ease with the camera. His beauty is not only physical but it is combined with his intelligence and artistic sensibility . He understands what goes into making an image dynamic. He is always perfect on camera.A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV NetworkCC: What is it like to work with Ryan?

JL: So easy from day one. We click and make magic quickly. He’s a great guy and knows how to laugh!A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV Network

I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy! With Ryan’s ability to emote and draw you in and Joseph’s ability to capture those emotions, it should make for some incredible magic. 

A word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV NetworkA word with Joseph Lally “Ryan” - PnV Network

Photography by Joseph Lally @lallypop421

Model Ryan Winter @rswinter

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