Top 5 Tips for Becoming A Male Model

Top 5 Tips for Becoming A Male Model

Starting off as a male model may seem like an uphill battle, but it’s much easier to get started in modelling for men that it is for women.

This is because most men don’t have to adhere to some of the over exaggerated standards of figure that women do, so it’s a lot simpler to find models between 5’11 and 6 feet with a decent complexion and look.

Ryan Keating & Dominik Sadoch

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So, here’s five hot tips you can try to become the next star in the male model industry.



I know it may seem obvious but keeping that healthy figure can mean the difference between a call back for a shoot or not.

The better you look, the more work you get, and this is the main idea you need to focus on when you’re working in this industry.

Iago Botelho

Male models need to go shirtless at any moment and having a beer gut isn’t the most photogenic of looks.

Get yourself a great exercise regime and stick to it, not only will your health benefit from it but your bank balance will too from all the work you will get.

Prepare for Your Shoot

I can’t stress enough how important preparation is. Shave, bring all the clothing that the photographer requests, get enough sleep, arrive to the shoot on time and take it seriously.

A lot of models lost out on opportunities because they thought they could just wing it, but the more professional you are the more people will remember you. 

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Francisco Lachowski

Just like how you would research a game before you play it on easyslots.com/all-games, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before your first big shoot.

Stand Out from The Crowd

Take some time to work on your poses and pouts, anyone can stand and smile at a camera, the difference is what makes you stick out from the other hundreds of meatheads out there.

Dillon Westbrock & Alexander Johansson

Often photographers and designers will have to choose from multiple models, so making sure you catch their eye is something you need to focus on.

Maintain A Healthy Skin Complexion

This is another one of those things that seems obvious, even though there are makeup artists on-site for shoots you would be surprised how many male models arrogantly ignore their skin regimes.

Remember, take care of your skin and it will take care of you.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Creating a positive working environment will always work in your benefit.

People prefer to work with those that they enjoy spending time with, so make sure everyone enjoys being around you at shoots instead of slouching around moaning about being up early.

Jacob Hankin

Nobody else enjoys being up that early, but they keep it to themselves.

The Verdict

These are just a few simple tricks that will help anyone looking to break into the male modelling industry.

Darwin Gray

Just keep these in mind at your next shoot and you should have call-backs in no time at all!

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