3 Fun Bonding Activities for Dads to Try with Their Kids

3 Fun Bonding Activities for Dads to Try with Their Kids

Whether you’re a single dad who has been granted time with his children or a co-parent who has been handed the kids for the weekend because Mom is off on a spa getaway, deciding what to do with them can be a daunting task.

You don’t want them to go back to their mother and tell them how boring it was with you, and you also want to spend some quality bonding time with them.

Fortunately, because deciding upon an activity that’ll be exciting for you all can be tough, three fun bonding activities can be found below.

1. Build something

Whether it’s a simple fort made out of pillows and blankets, an elaborate tree house, or a piece of cool technology, by opting to build something with your kids, both you and they will have a fun experience.

Whatever you do, try to keep the colorful commentary on your behalf down to a minimum, no matter how frustrating the DIY build may become!

Building something with your kids will be worthwhile for them in regards to the simulation of their imaginations, too. If you want them to leave the time that you spent with them with a broadened mind, get cracking on some father-child DIY.

2. Go hiking

No matter where you live in the world, there will be an area close to you that will provide the perfect route and backdrop for any hiking experiences that you embark upon with your kids.

By taking your children hiking in a place that is steeped in nature like a national park, you and them can come up with stories to pass the time as you walk.

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It will also contribute to the stipulation of their imaginations, and you will be able to get them out in the open enjoying the fresh air. If you feel like your children may be prone to moaning because of the long walk, then make sure to bring their bikes along.

3. Go and see a show

If you want your kids to talk about the time that they spent with their dad for months to come, then you need to be doing something that they want to do in a way that they’ve never done it before. To achieve this, you should consider taking them to a live-action show.

By doing so, your kids will be able to see all of their favorite characters from their favorite movies and TV shows in the flesh, and that’ll live long in their memory.

Disney On Ice: Mickey’s Search Party, of which admission tickets can be bought at TicketSales.com, is the kind of show that you should be thinking about taking your kids to see. This way, they’ll be able to see the Disney characters that enthrall them on their screens in a memorable and completely fresh way.


By taking the above advice, you and your kids will be sure to have a great time together the next time you are tasked with entertaining them!

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