How to Prevent Autumn Depression: Basic Principles and “Fashionable” Therapy for You and Your Boyfriend

How to Prevent Autumn Depression: Basic Principles and “Fashionable” Therapy for You and Your Boyfriend

Mood swings, constant feeling of tiredness, an overwhelming desire to eat something sweet and, as a result, extra pounds.

Seasonal depression and its symptoms are familiar to many people, and they are much more common in women than in men.

In a particularly serious form, this malaise manifests itself in about 10-12% of people, but fortunately, scientists have already quite well studied its causes and found ways to help prevent it.

How to cope with the autumn depression? Very simple: right now, we are starting to strengthen the “moral immunity” and the body’s defenses.

Come to light

This is scientifically proven: in some people, the sensitivity of the eye retina to light is somewhat reduced, and this explains their particular predisposition to seasonal depression at a time when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and the day begins to decrease.

Depression in the fall is primarily a matter of insufficient coverage. With a lack of sunlight, the body disrupts the production of melatonin – a hormone that is responsible for our “biological clock.”

Exposing digital Artwork by artist Iurii Ladutko entitled Mental Disorders.

As a result, the brain begins to get confused by the signals of natural daily rhythms, and a person cannot get into active mode in the morning or, conversely, in the evening, they cannot sleep at all, despite fatigue.

To get rid of these symptoms, make it a rule to spend at least half an hour on the street every day in any weather.

It is best to help the habit of going for a walk around noon – when the required dose of ultraviolet radiation hits the ground even through the clouds. Another option is light therapy with a special lamp that simulates daylight.

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Offer your loved one a daily walk – this way it will be easier for you to develop this useful habit that no depression can withstand. There is a possibility that your testesterone levels might not be optimum. Get the levels checked and if you feel they are low, you can arrange a meeting with Anu Aesthetics for hormone therapy which will restore your balance to your life and help you get out of depression.

Morning jogging

Another good reason to go outside is the morning run (an American man looking for a wife should be ready to do workouts because modern girls are into sports).

By the way, any sport not only improves our body but also charges with positive energy: making efforts, our muscles produce endorphins, “hormones of happiness.”

Bruno Endler by Ted Sun for Cool Singapore Magazine August 2018

The same hormones, in turn, regulate the “biological clock,” thus supporting the entire system. The result is guaranteed, even if you do a workout before dawn, which comes later in the fall.

How to get out of seasonal depression? About 30 minutes of the morning jogging, cardio training or a stationary bike will warm up the muscles and start producing the necessary daily hormones in the brain.

Vitamins against sugar

“Fast” sugars help to cope with bouts of fatigue, anxiety, or mood swings — which is why, in the “uncomfortable” time of year, many people are drawn to sweets.

However, this effect quickly passes: the level of sugar in the blood drops sharply, and the person feels an even greater breakdown.

To ensure the smooth well-being and not gain extra pounds, nutritionists advise to avoid “sweet dope,” and instead focus on products containing magnesium and vitamins B and C.

Fashion against depression

Shopping is a great remedy for depression. And if this is not an aimless trip to the store but a hunt for fashionable novelties of the autumn of 2018, in which you can walk around the city with your soul mate, good mood is guaranteed.

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Animal print. This fall, there is no escape from the abundance of animal prints. The picturesque spots of leopard, ocelot, zebra, and tiger skins thickly covered the podiums of the four main fashion capitals of the world.

Tom Ford Men’s Spring 2018

Logos. Becoming popular a few seasons ago, the fever called “logomania” is not going to slow down in the new season. Even such resilient brands as Max Mara and Prada are not indifferent to the coming autumn.

Lamb Leather Kiodo With Dsquared2 Logo On The Back

Cape. Loewe, Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, and Missoni know a lot about the right outerwear for the fall. In place of a narrow coat and jackets, as if removed from the men’s shoulder, come spacious and luxurious capes. Again, the clothes of superheroes, opera singers, and monks will regularly work on fashion service.

Missoni Fall/Winter 2018

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