Jayson Glick and Walter Tabayoyong Worked Together – Exclusive

6’2″ tall, L.A. based model Jayson Glick worked together again with photographer Walter Tabayoyong and this is the result.

The result is a series of stunning frames, fresh out of the lens, where Tabayoyong placed a setting of lavender purples and blues lighting over the naked body of Jayson.

If you are a Fashionably Male follower, you might recognize Jayson before, because back in July we posted for the first time. You can see the article down below:

Jayson services a natural beauty when he’s in front of your lens, that’s why Walter is very pleased to work with Jayson in Los Angeles.

As far as I can tell, Jayson is brilliant when is about to pose, but also he’s good taking direction as well.

Right now Jayson is taking over L.A. most of his work you can watch it on Local TV, commercial ads, spots here and there.

What it takes to be a male model in Los Angeles, I wondered so many times, but I can see clearly my answers when I see Jayson’s profile.

Jayson is maintaining a healthy perspective on himself and bolstering one’s own self-confidence and patience I can think of.

You also have to be prepared to achieve and maintain bona fide wellness-goals status; expect to be eating healthily, exercising regularly, and generally meeting the physical demands of your line of modeling. It’s all a matter of simply adhering to a self-care and health regimen.

And sometimes, it’s also about the waiting game. You need to be an early riser with patience and stamina to spare. There will be long days of go-sees (aka modeling “auditions”) or of video or photo shoots. You may well be called into work at all hours of the day.

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Just like acting, a modeling career isn’t something that comes overnight, and you should be realistic about the expectations you set for your career and the different realities of what “success” as a model can look like.

Which I think, Walter is there to help and give directions, has helped and worked with so many faces (presented here before) that actually has a good modeling job in L.A.

The slim but strong figure of Jayson, with blue eyes, beard, hairy chest, helps to decided that he deserves to be on top. At work speaking. But seriously, highlight with this stunning setting of colors over his naked body, works perfectly fine for us.

He looks great, he’s educated, he always be on time, and one important thing is that he’s humble and with feet on the ground. You need those things to work very well in L.A.

Model: Jayson Glick
Instagram: @jaysonglick
IMDb: imdb.com/name/nm727745

Photographer: Walter Tabayoyong
Instagram: @waltertabphoto
Facebook: facebook.com/waltertabphoto
IMDb: imdb.me/waltertab
Website: waltertab.com

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