Hotness Alert: Diego Garcy by Afif Kattan

Mexican model Diego Garcy teamed up with photographer Afif Kattan and updated new ardiente snaps to share in exclusive for you guys.

Beauty at its maximum expression

If you’ve been a follower of Fashionably Male, you guys have seen that Diego Garcy has been published several times.

And is not the first time, Kattan and Garcy work together. In 2015 they worked together for an article published here, titled: “Just in Touch.”

Things were different in 2015, Garcy was so slim but he never lose his charming and sympathy that Garcy can brag about.

Now he’s coming in a more mature shooting, black and white edition curated by Kattan.

Snapped at Guadalajara where is based Kattan, normally he’s back and forth to Mexico City.

But Garcy can say that is one of a few models in Mexico that has keeping a great modeling career, including online and print covers, fashion shows, campaign and fashion events.

Hotness Alert

Are you going crazy watching this new shots? Yeah Afif and Garcy has tore it up!

As we mentioned before, Afif Kattan had an incredible 2018 year, sneakingly when he’s step behind the lens.

For this pic, you can see how the lighting and shadows playing over the back when Diego is flexing.

Don’t forget to be a follower of Diego on Instagram, he has around of 60K. Proud of it, he’s one of who love’s to share with his fans, every aspect of his life.


During a shooting, when he’s back in stage, this is the result of all his big efforts.

Happy Holidays guys!

Photography Afif Kattan @afifkattan

Model Diego Garcy @diegogarcy


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