New Submission of Darko by Xavier B.

New submission of Darko by beloved friend Xavier B. Let’s find out the new session.

His name on Insta is Matkovic Darko–but we stick to Darko– a Belgium with Croation roots. That’s why he has this mystic appearance and looks.

Xavier and Darko has worked so many times in the past. So many of the frames can be seen on Insta. Xavier comments via email, “I did his first ever shoot many years ago and after that his career has really taken off.” 

Darko is signed by Jackie Lee a models Agency located in The Netherlands where all this happened.

About Jackie Lee

Severine Nijs succesfully launched Jackie Lee in 2011. Soon after, a trusted team of collegues with their own specialty made the match complete. In 2015 Jackie Lee got the attention of Trends magazine and awarded us the title of “laureate Trends Gazellen 2015”.

You can see more of the work of Xavier B.

Important to know that photographer Xavier B. has a new Instagram account oriented for his photography and portrait work.

All the work can be seen at: @xavierbimage But you can still be a follower on @xa4.b for filmmaking and travel.

Darko is a 6’2″ signed by Jackie Lee in Antwerp

Darko has a heart with wings and daisies tattoo and says: “Mother”.

The model has the right height and size to performed in any commercial, promotional, event, runway show, you name it.

Also Darko spends so many hours in the gym to be on point. He has this stunning body, his roots helps to give this nice and smooth skin, and has this honey skin color that is flawless for fashion sector.

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Photography Xavier B. @xavierbimage / @xa4.b
Model Darko @m_atko_vic from @jackielee_antwerp

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