5 Best Designer Dragon Sunglasses

No matter what season it is, we will always want to wear sunglasses. Especially on a sunny day, nothing would be better than some shades. There are several brands available in the market to choose from, but some of them may not be worth your usage or money.

The difference between designer sunglasses would be how each brand decides to follow a certain designing criteria for their sunglasses. The dragon sunglasses are known to be iconic.  They were created back in 1993 in California. Their eyewear products are also known to be very comfy. As for the company itself, they are known for their integrity and their ability to help customers get what they likely want.

Here are the top 5 best designer dragon sunglasses:

1. The Jam Owen Wright

One of the Dragon Alliance’s top products of sunglasses, the Jam Owen Wright is featured in a black/green or green ion color. It costs around $80, which is relatively fair to its best capabilities. It has a very soft and comfortable case type. It is made from stainless steel hinge with polycarbonate lenses. However, those lenses are not interchangeable.

2. Fame

The jet with gray lens Dragon Alliance sunglasses is cheaper than the Jam Owen Wright, featuring different characteristics. It costs around $66. The Fame sunglasses are made from a 5 barrel stainless steel hinge and 6 base polycarbonate lenses. It also has a fancy Grilamid frame material design that makes it a large fit. Most importantly, it is 100% protected from UV rays and It can also be featured on purple nebula/purple ion look.

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3. Grey Mansfield

Also known as the Hawaii sunglasses, the Grey Mansfield sunglasses are made of a composite frame. It has a fancy Grilamid frame as well, which makes it a large fit eyewear. It costs around $56, cheaper than the previous. It is as well 100% protected from UV with a 4 base polycarbonate shield lens. However, those sunglasses are non-polarized. This makes them only tinted to block the light and not able to eliminate the glare.

4. The Jam Remix

The Jam Remix sunglasses have a medium fit size. It costs around $88. It’s a one size featured in either matte black or in sky blue. It has a Grilamid frame with a plastic lens that is non-polarized as well. The microfiber case type has a 5 barrel stainless steel hinge and 6 base polycarbonate lenses, just like the Fame sunglasses.

5. Vice Roy

The Vice Roy sunglasses are the most expensive among the top 5. It costs around $110. They have a medium size fit frame that is made from acetate. The sunglasses have a 100% UV protection with wire coil temples. It’s a black frame featured with green stripes. It could also come in either a gray or bronze frame.

Sunglasses are indeed an important factor that may add up to your outfit look. Each designer brand has its own unique feature. It will all depend on your taste and your level of comfortability to this accessory.

  1. I like these designs and styles nice prices

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