Jhonnes in “Liberté. Egalité. Fraternite” by Photographer Felipe Pilotto

To open a marvelous 2019 for us, we have the new work of photographer and cinematographer Felipe Pilotto.

Straight from Aracaju, Sergipe Brazil, Jhonnes Mattos has done it all concerning his modeling career.

Aracaju is in the state of Sergipe, in the Northeast region of Brazil. Needless to say that its beaches allow resting, having fun and joy in the midst of a beautiful view of sand dunes, coconut trees and warm water, following the example of the Orla do Atalaia, the main landmark of the city. It is 6 km long with a large leisure complex, hotels and restaurants.

He is a Brazilian model, has traveled around the globe working in the fashion industry until he found a place to be settled in London.

For the past years, expanding his horizons Johnnes has worked with the world’s well known photographers, turning his face very popular into runway shows and a fashion presentations.

Now Jhonnes did this shooting with the Brazilian photographer and cinematographer Felipe Pilotto exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Also Felipe Pilotto is dropping on us a short film that he did with the handsome and talented model entitled “Liberté. Egalité. Fraternite” (translated as “Freedom. Equality. Fraternity”)

In the words of the cinematographer:

“The idea is glimpse of the of french people and their great will to turn the country better for everyone, even in the smallest act. The character is a young man finding in music a new breath of hope in his life.”

– Felipe Pilotto

Despite all the success you can get in the fashion business, the modeling career for everyone is always a roller coaster. In Brazil, for example, several publishers declared bankruptcy and had to discontinue their fashion magazines; leaving a gap in the market.

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That is why more and more models are going out of their home country to try a different scenario.

Not only that but also great agencies are full of models in their cast, which makes it difficult to give the deserved attention that would be necessary for everyone, and this often leaves the talent that they have aside without working, also causing the models to make a transition from an agency to another, which is not necessarily an easy task.

One of the things that Jhonnes misses most is his loving and caring family and the warm weather in Brazil – allowing you to workout outdoors giving the opportunity of having a quality and active life. For him health is wealth.

You guys you better check the new video down below:

Check for more pics:

Aracaju has emerged as an excellent tourist location for the quality of its attractions and its tranquility. And, of course, everything is seasoned with the intense flavor of the Brazilian Northeast.

Enjoy for some more:

The aesthetic is incredible good, this filter gives this 90’s dirty old vintage look, and putting this collage with the flowers, are amazing.

We are so hooked up with this work, stunning work by Pilotto, and obviously Mattos did a very good job.

Pilotto has been very present here with us, featuring his best work always, why don’t you explore for some more:

Explore for some Felipe’s work. We are so in love with it. And don’t forget to follow them on Insta.

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Male model: Jhonnes Mattos @jhonnesst
Photographer: Felipe Pilotto @felipepilotto
Styling and Make Up: Yana Purger @yanapurger  @yanapurgerdesigner
Art: Pilotto Studio @pilottostudio

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