“Lazy Morning” by Benjamin Klakow

When we start the day with the right energy, sometimes things go better than we expect, maybe not quite what you expect. “Lazy Morning” by Benjamin Klakow with Germany based model Alex explains is ok to be lazy just for one day.

This is a short film by photographer Benjamin Klakow, we have published several exclusive work from Germany based lensman.

“On a cold winter morning we spontaneous met to shoot some pictures and the result was this short and nice film, called ‘Lazy Morning’.” admits Klakow via email.

The struggle to wake up and get out of bed in the mornings can have a negative impact on your whole day and if the problem persists can start getting you down. Specially in places where the winter is hitting so crude.

Whatever the option, choose one that you won’t find so irritating that you are annoyed by it every morning!

Get Moving

Get moving as soon as you get up. This stimulates your brain and body, and shrug off the sleep. Going for a run, or a yoga session will do wonders for you. Exercise can also be a good motivating factor for getting up straight away if you have to fit it in before work. 

Alex in the short film is helping us to have better mornings.

Freshen Up

Having a refreshing shower can be a great way of ‘rinsing’ off the sleepiness. Alternate the temperature between hot and cold to stimulate the lymphatic system and use shower gels with revitalizing mint or citrus fruit scents.

Try to get quality sleep

Having a good, quality sleep will help you feel refreshed and re-energized and more ready to get up. As mush as possible try to minimize any noise or light pollution; make sure your bed is comfortable and the bedroom is warm without being too hot (ideally a few degrees less than the temperature set in the living areas).

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Don’t forget to give some smile, can help you to avoid a lazy morning.

Avoid using technology late at night. Modern TVs, tablets and laptops use LED lighting that is similar to daylight which prevents melatonin being released and triggering tiredness, this keeps you awake for longer and can disrupt your sleeping pattern. 

Getting into the practice of having a good quality and quantity of sleep will help you to wake up immediately in the morning.

Photographer & Film Maker Benjamin Klakow @benjaminklakow / www.klakowstudios.com
Model Alex @the_fitness_addict

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