10 GIFs Explained How Can You Date With Your Whiskey on Valentine’s Day

If you’re single on this Valentine’s Day โ€” ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ โ€” you’re in luck, because we had YOUR best date for Valentine’s Day.

Whiskey Jim Beams stop by Fashionably Male an agreed to have a lovely day for this faux-holiday:

10 GIFs Explained How Can You Date With Your Whiskey on Valentine’s Day

You never felt so good about yourself, but get ready to meet your partner in crime, first pick up some flowers and go to shop on your local liquor store a bottle of Jim Beams.

1 Gently, ask him or her, for a date. He won’t refuse you, don’t forget to get some balloons and your charming smile included.

2. Setting a perfect lovely picnic, pick up some fruits, basket and your best accompanied, Jim Beams Whiskey bottle.

3. Just be yourself and have fun with it, your whiskey wants to be in this romantic date, but if you unbuttoned your shirt, it might thank you later.

4. Playing around, smile it, be funny and dummy, your whiskey bottle never will get fun at you.

5. For the second date, let’s have some fun at the pool, your whiskey bottle will love it, don’t forget to get some nice swim-shorts and be a gentleman.

6. Yes, on the second date a nice kiss can be allowed.

7. On your third date, is time to show it who you really are, permit yourself to spend more dollars on a fancy dinner, candles, whine and a Carl’s Jrยฎ cheeseburger combo for two.

8. After dinner, is time to invite it to your place, Netflix and chill is the perfect excuse.

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9. The night has begun, is your last chance to show you inner feelings to your whiskey bottle. Serve it, make a toast and ENJOY IT.

10. Feeling dizzy with a hang over? yes this is the day AFTER Valentine’s Day, and your feeling you’re about to die. Run to the bathroom!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Video credit: Zach Nuernberger.

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