No One Like Patrick Downey in pics taken by Hanson von Triebig

See No One Like Patrick Downey in pics taken by Hanson von Triebig. If you think a man is not sexy enough, well now your dreams come true.

Let’s flight to Chicago Illinois where photographer Hanson von Triebig makes a delivering of a very interesting work with model Patrick Downey.

So you know this new model we present to you is also based in Chicago, he’s Patrick Downey a medical student soon a Doctor. Can you believe?

Besides knowing so well the human body, Patrick likes to keep a firm well-toned body for his personal healthy care, just like everybody needs to keep a good health.

Focus on human form, photographer Hanson captures just what we really need to appreciate.

To meet who’s behind the lens, Hanson, shares some words via email and he said: “I was working in commercial Real Estate in Texas, but left on a trip around the world.”

How awesome sounds that? Leave your desk job to pack your bag and travel around the world. (Been there done that.)

“I’m working at a modeling agency here (Chicago) and just trying to shoot as much as possible as I’m relatively new to photography.” To be his very first time, Hanson has the skills to make it better.

We’re glad that Hanson has discovery his new tool of work a camera lens and explore every angle of any human male form.

We have published so many photographers and models, but no one is like Patrick Downey, oh geez, he’s one of a kind.

If you want to dig more (no stalk) on who Patrick is, you can be a good guy and follow on him on Insta.

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Photographer: Hanson von Triebig @hanson.photo
Model: Patrick Downey @pzdowney
Jacket: American Eagle
Underwear: Charlie by MZ
Other: Model’s own.

  1. agustin abrahams

    excelente fotofrafia y medico.

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