Etro Men & Women Spring/Summer 2020 Milan

Romantic, poetic, charming, Kean Etro’s collection was injected with an alluring sense of exploration.

Desert, exploration and adventure might not be new themes for Etro. However, this season men’s creative director Kean Etrodiscovered a new sense of youthfulness, lightness and a sort of poetic romanticism that felt extremely charming. The brand’s signature paisley motifs, the heritage stripes and the tactile textures exuded a sense of luxury that turned highly spontaneous and warm.

The models walked over a big colorful mandala, which represented the world, a nod to the multicultural approach that has always distinguished the Etro brand. But in a moment when cultural appropriation is one of the hottest topics on the table, the designer naturally integrated suggestions of desert landscapes and nomadic tribes in a gentle, respectful way, which was extremely authentic.

In a collection filled with revisited staples, such as field jackets with subdued tribal motifs, deconstructed suits, printed sweaters and jacquard bombers with naif artistic patterns or views of vibrant oasis, Etro seamlessly blended pieces of a “Star Wars” capsule developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm.

The vintage feel of the frames of episodes from the saga’s Seventies and Eighties episodes perfectly matched the overall look of the lineup. And the exquisite paisley kaftan that opened the show definitely echoed the outfit of Luke Skywalker: May the force be with you, Kean!

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