Body of Work: Carlos San Juan by Alejandro Brito

Today the Body of Work: Carlos San Juan by Alejandro Brito

Let’s learn how things has to be done. This is the material of Spanish photographer Alejandro Brito.

We have the fortune to post so many times his work, when we saw this on Instagram, we couldn’t refuse to re-post. Cause is literally a body of work.

Male Model and a black curtain
Male model posing

With a new male muse

The new male muse is model Carlos San Juan, represented by QModa, he’s back and forth London and Barcelona. He has working with Daniel Jaems in London, another sublime body of work.

Male Model posing
Male model shirtless

No fear,
The dark series

Shooting in Barcelona, Alejandro and Carlos did a very very good job. Let’s find out more.

Male model in a overall
Male model shirtless
Male model in a croptop

Carlos has a beautiful body, and Alejandro snaps the best angles

Snapping shadows, the outdoorsy session has natural lighting during the shooting.

Male model shirtless
Artzine Male model
Male model

For all the photographers out there

This is a really good example of how things has to be done when you have a really good male muse.

Spanish Male model
Spanish Male model
Artzine male model

Success! You're on the list.
Spanish male model
Spanish male model

Photography Alejandro Brito @alejandrobritpb
Model Carlos San Juan @carlos.sanjuan9

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